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Mansukhbhai Prajapati

After the Gujarat earthquake of 2001,Mansukhbhai decided to create a rural fridge that did not need electricity and could be used by the masses. Mansukhbhai, in association with Gujarat Grass-roots Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN), Ahmedabad, tested all sorts of soils and fridge designs to finally come up with Mitticool fridge in the year 2005.

Saraju Nayak

The founder and promoter of HappyMinds, Shweta Merchant has touched the lives and hearts of over 50,000 people and has made a remarkable difference in their lives. She has conducted over 500 workshops across the country and trained over 50,000 people across the country and the USA, transforming countless lives.

Shweta Merchant Gandhi

Shardindu Upadhyay, the Director of “PATH - Progressive Agency to Humanity,” started the NGO in the year 2002, with a team of 13 people. The NGO deals in Health and Child Welfare. While Health Welfare includes HIV prevention and care support treatment, Child Development looks into a home shelter for orphans, homeless children, and mentally unstable children.

Mr.Snehal Patel

Founded in the year 1984, Nature Club Surat is an NGO working for Environmental Conservation. One of its founding members Mr. Snehal Patel is still active in the club. Nature Club Surat has initiated projects to promote environmental conservation. Some of these projects are Wetland Conservation Project, Deer breeding Project (a project that breeds spotted deer, which are later released into the wild) and Vulture Conservation Project.

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