Inspire Awards Pune

Anil Kudia(2017)

•Mr. Anil Kudia runs a rehabilitation centre for kids who have developed addiction and who are living on the road side. •The Centre runs from donations received from people all over the place •The centre provides Boarding, Lodging, Food, Sanitation, Hygiene training, Medical Facilities •150 plus girls are boys have been benefited from this initiative.

Lt. Col. Suresh Patil (retd.)(2017)

•Developed sewage driven Nalla (water drain) into beautiful bio-diversity park, by planting weeds to naturally purify the water and develop the area into landscape garden, in Pune. •The organization has received participation of close to 15,000 volunteers and partners. •It has won many awards like- Dubai International award, Prince Phillip, Duke Of Edinburgh,President WWF in 1994, etc.

Renu Gavaskar(2017)

•Eklavya Bal Shikshan & Arogya Nyasa Trust focuses on needs of children of commercial sex workers as well as children of alcoholics. •Is has got many awards like AADISHAKTI PURASKAR”, SUSAN ANTHONY' award, VIDYA VYAS PURASKAR', Vikhe Patil Puraskar •Eklavya Nyasa runs a residential project in collaboration with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). At present there are 55 students. The project is called as 'Gharata' (Nest).

Sarita Bhat(2017)

•Swadhar provides services to women and children to ensure protection of rights, leading to self-reliance and empowerment for a dignified life. •Out of the 593 children from the school readiness sessions, 410 children have been enrolled into nearby preschools. •In 2016-2017 we successfully handled 282 cases- 197 cases of family counselling; 6 cases which needed medical aid and 79 cases that required financial assistance. We also tapped over 400 beneficiaries during the Awareness Program.

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