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Binayak Acharya(2017)

Ms Binayak is the founder of ThinkZone, which empowers women in low income communities to provide quality education through a technology-enabled “school in a box” approach. This award winning social start-up employs technology to reduce the time spent by teachers on non-instructional activities, decrease the overhead costs required to run a centre and increase the quality of education delivered while facilitating one to monitor the lessons. ThinkZone has ambitious plans for transforming the pre-primary and primary education landscape in India and impacting millions of children in the process.

Joseph Madiath(2017)

Joseph Madiath is the Founder and Chairman of Gram Vikas which is active in the 7 states of India. Gram Vikas primarily works in the area of Water & Sanitation. He has helped more than 70000 families in over 1200 villages to get the sanitation units. Gram Vikas facilitates Government health programs for maternal health care and for immunization through the Pulse Polio campaign. It further contributes to increase the safety of childbirth, traditional birth attendants are trained in improved delivery practices.

Aditya Patnaik(2017)

Aditya Patnaik is the founder of Antyodaya. He has been active primarily in the upliftment of tribals from Odisha. He is the founder Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital in Mayurbhanj. He has organised eye camps where they managed to treat 30000 blind patients. He was instrumental in setting up four colleges in the remote areas of Odisha. He was also felicitated with many prestigious awards and recognitions for his outstanding contributions.

Narrotam Das(2017)

Mr. Das works in the remote areas of Odisha against the dowry practices. He provides legal assistance to the victims of this unsocial practice. He has assisted in 64 cases where the victims received a favourable verdict from the legal system. He also helps senior citizens who have been neglected by their very own families or by their relatives.

Dr. Bikash Das

Dr. Bikash Das is a Doctor of Philosophy and has completed 23 years of practice in the year 2016 as a Lawyer. He was specially invited to attend the International Expert Committee on Early Childhood Development held in The Hague, The Netherlands in the year 2010 by Bernard van Leer Foundation, The Netherlands.

Srikumar Mishra

Founded in August 2009 by Srikumar Misra, Milk Mantra is an Indian agricultural dairy products startup based in Odisha, India. It was set up to solve the milk scarcity problem in the state. Milk Mantra produces and distributes milk and other milk-based products and is known for its packaging that increases the shelf life of milk products by up to four days.

Md. Imran Ali

Md. Imran Ali, born and brought up in Quazi Sahi, Bhadrak, completed MSW in NISWASS. He started his voluntary service with NSS that bought him “Best NSS University Award” by Utkal University. He has been working in the field of drug de-addiction across the state of Odisha as one of the co-founders of Nasha Mukti Yuva Sankalp, since 2009.

Achyut & Vidya Das

Achyut and Vidya Das opened doors of perception to local community members to concepts of justice, equality, and human rights. Registered formally as Agragamee, they committed themselves to siding with poor communities so that poverty and hunger are eliminated. They planned measures to ensure inclusion, focusing on women and girls, in the school and adult education programs.

Ranjan Panda

Ranjan Panda, the convener of ‘Combat Climate Change Network’, India, is popularly known as Water Man of Odisha and Climate Crusader. He was awarded the first “Green Hero” in December 2010 by NDTV. He was recognized for his contribution towards environment protection by way of renovation of the traditional water harvesting techniques.

Bibhudatta Jena

Bibhudatta Jena has rescued snakes, crocodiles, leopards, elephants and many other birds and animals. He has not only conducted campaigns on providing water on rooftops for thirsty birds but also has had more than 100 articles related to the environment, published in leading newspapers in Odisha.

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