Inspire Awards Bengaluru

Akshay Heblikar(2017)

•Eco-Watch has planted more than 130 variety of native tree species in an area of 200 acres. •Approx. 500 tons of CO2 will be sequestered when the plants are of 20 years •Initiated Rainwater Harvesting to collect more than 100 million litres of rainwater & replenish groundwater resource

M. C. Ramesh(2017)

•Vidyaranya primarily caters to educating children with special needs and provides them with proper education and an opportunity to establish their independent identity. •Currently three mentally challenged residential schools are being run by Vidyaranya in three different locations- Avakasha School for Disabled at Hasssan, Spurthi Residential School for mentally challenged children at Mandur and Vruthivikalachethana Residential School at Yelahanka New Town. •Vidyaranya is running a centre for the victims of human trafficking at Ujjawala in Medahalli. Currently 35 women are benefiting from this programme.

Neelam Chhiber(2017)

•Industree Foundation has reached 30,000 women artisans across India and Africa, through collaborative efforts. •It has incubated two profitable and globally compliant enterprises: Greenkraft Producer Co. Ltd & Ektha Producer Co. Ltd. •Established in 2000, Industree Foundation holistically tackles the root causes of poverty by creating an ownership based, organised creative manufacturing ecosystem for micro-entrepreneurs.

Ramesh Swamy(2017)

•Unnati is dedicated to serving the different sections of the society and bringing harmony through focused programs. •They conduct vocational training and social transformation programs. •Currently they train 750 students annually and also offer them the facility of lodging and boarding during training.

Sameer Swarkar(2017)

•Sameer Sawarkar is an Ashoka Fellow & Neurosynaptic is a Social Enterprise that enables access to affordable and quality healthcare to the rural and remote masses. •Neurosynaptic has also been recognized as Technology Pioneer in 2008 by the World Economic Forum. •Received Fastest Growing Social Enterprise in the Healthcare Category by Action for India Forum in 2013.


•Provides quality education to the students in various governments and government aided schools, thereby bridging the knowledge gap between the public and private schools. •Aashayein Foundation has adopted 23 government schools in the rural areas and provide basic furniture like writing boards, Roofing, Drinking water, Sports equipments and sanitation. •Aashayein Foundation provides Sunday Breakfast to the underprivileged children and old age homes. 1000’s of children and senior citizens have been impacted over 10 years.

Smita Premchander (Founder and Secretary)(2017)

•Sampark fights for the cause of vulnerable and poor esp. women to help them gain control over their lives and improve their lives through earning boosting education. •6000+ School Children impacted in Karnataka through Sampark. •Sampark reached 10,000+ Migrant labourers across India.

Jasmeen Patheja

Jasmeen employs a variety of strategies in her Blank Noise project — from advocating for effective legal mechanisms to staging theatrical public protests to using new technology to publicise offences. Jasmeen launched Blank Noise in 2004 in Bangalore to help women and men challenge sexual harassment. Jasmeen’s public interventions are bold and provocative.

Jyotsana Aggarwal & Ramakant Vempati  

Jo (Jyotsana) Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati are the founders of Touchkin. Established in 2015, Touchkin is an angel funded predictive care startup which aims to use technology to create universal awareness and access to behavioral health support. In 2009, Jo and Ramakant left their corporate careers to use their skills for social good, joining the founding team of Silatech, a UN-backed organization that used technology and innovation to address root causes of terrorism and bring jobs to youth in post conflict Arab countries such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt.

Kapil Sharma

SayTrees is a professionally run group of ordinary people extraordinarily determined to protect the environment not just by themselves, but also by sensitising others towards the importance of environment conservation and goading them on to participate in tree-plantation campaigns.

Sandeep Parivallal

Started to work as Computer Trainer immediately after 10th at CMT. Worked as IT admin The Hindu Bangalore Office. Worked as Software Architect for Simply India. Founded SB Tech Pvt Ltd in 2008 an innovation driven Software Company, currently operating in 7 locations across the globe. Started Bhavya Entrepreneur Incubation Service Foundation in July 2016 to mentor and seed fund startup of new age India

Seemma Saadikha

Having chosen the profession of medicine over movies and teaching, Dr. Seemma nurtures high ambitions to serve society and be an enabler in human evolution. She is the founder of Aura Anti-aging Centre, the first-of-its-kind facility in Bengaluru, south India. She is also the Founder-Director of Namma Mitra Foundation, a social charitable organization which focuses on Health, Education, Environment and Self-sustenance of the needy and underprivileged.

Ayyappa Masagi

Masagi started experimenting with rainwater harvesting and non-irrigation agricultural methods in 1994. His vision was not only to make his farm water rich but also help needy people suffering from water scarcity in India. In 2002, he focussed entirely on his research on water conservation techniques which earned him the Ashoka Fellowship in the year 2004.

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