Our Initiatives

Inspire Awards

Inspire Awards recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to make this world a better place to live, selflessly, without waiting for any recognition or appreciation. These are the heroes, whom we wish to appreciate and express our gratitude.

Donate a Video

Each person is born with an innate desire to help another but is more than usually limited by time, owing to a busy schedule. For this reason, Parivartan has initiated the “Donate A Video” portal which enables you to help someone without having to worry about time and place.


Parivartan respects your passion and understands the drive with which you yearn to make a difference to the world. With the power of your passion and the strength of your inspiration, creating a social impact will be a motivating and a successful journey for us.

Donate For A Cause

Parivartan strongly believes in fighting for every cause that demands social attention. We welcome each and every one of you to become a part of our initiatives on innumerable social causes. We can together strive for the cause and propel the change ahead to create a better world.