A few words about PARIVARTAN

Parivartan is a change, which you believe, you can bring in the lives of others and it is a process by which you can change yourself

Parivartan strongly believes that no act is small, as every act has the capability to transform itself into a big gesture to inspire others, even setting an example for someone else to follow. For this reason, Parivartan has gone a step ahead and created “Inspire Awards,” to felicitate the many people who have gone beyond hurdles to help others.

Through volunteering you can give back to the society, become the face of your community, work towards community development, work closely on Government initiatives, and strengthen your relationship with the masses.

Being a part of Parivartan will be fulfilling, as truly, “Giving is the best gift that you can give to yourself”

If the citizens of our Nation, today, wish to make a difference, then nothing can stop us from reaching the stars. Be it knowingly or unknowingly, each one of us in our day to day lives, keep giving or performing acts that help others.

Parivartan has taken up the responsibility to appreciate them, to thank them, express gratitude and bring them into the limelight, so others can see them and get inspired.

If we do perform these actions, it inevitably qualifies us to become a part of Parivartan. Parivartan believes that others can become better and if we are able to help them to become better, then we are already a part of Parivartan.